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I’m in the business of building better…

Fun, fresh, and functional life enhancers that delight, engage, inform, and perform for multi-generational consumers.


Optimizing workflow integration and alignment, positively impacting productivity, timing, accountability, and quality, with a premium placed on sustainability and superior service.


Supportive teams, squads, tribes, and societies, driven by diversity. Where knowledge is
transparent, resources are shared, inclusion is evident, and equity is emerging. 

“When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play.”  -Chef & Author Martin Yan

I deliver

  • Project management

  • Creative strategy

  • Ideation/Design

  • Product development

  • Content creation

  • Insights

  • Resources

My unique and additive contributions have enabled breakthrough
concepts, and launched 100’s of best-selling consumer products, netting
over $300 million in sales.

Let’s start building.
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